What we do

Innova operates the biggest food and drink product database in the world. We pick up and record brands, ingredients, claims, packaging, patents and promotions in every major market. We give you the numbers you need, the way you need them, when you need them. We cover 21 categories and 158 sub-categories in the food and drink markets. We go into stores and track new products and brands in real time.

Why us

Our team of food specialists use their local experience to track new products, brands and trends as they happen and assess consumer reactions through:

  • Long-term expertise in product search and location
  • Local relationships with retailers and manufacturers
  • Deep local knowledge of consumer attitudes

We track patents, and make them searchable by type, product and company: but we also track social media, to find out what consumers are talking about.

Our experts assimilate the data, organize and verify it, and then analyze it.

  • High resolution photography ensures that all visual and verbal data is captured for each product
  • Comprehensive information for each product includes ingredients, claims, price, size, packaging, and validations such as organic or eco-friendly.